Aug 23, 2015

Sights, Sounds and Sensations of the City - Cornelia Arts Building Artist In the Loop

Sights, Sounds and 
Sensations of the City

Select artists from 
'The Cornelia Arts Building-
Where Art Works' 
exhibiting in the Loop
"Urban Sentinels" Jason Messinger
"November" - Jordan Scott
The city of Chicago boasts over 75 neighborhoods with distinguishing personas experienced through their cuisine, shopping, art, history, architecture and heritage. The common thread is they all bring an element of excitement to the senses. This collection of artwork and artisan crafts focuses on the rich colors, textures and sounds that ebb and flow as one moves about the city.
"Chicagoscape II" - Lisa Larson
"City Twilight Blues" - Kevin Swallow

Sights, Sounds and Sensations of the City is a juried exhibition of fine artwork and artisan crafts from 27 of the 50 resident artists in the Cornelia Arts Building. Showing together for the first time in a group show outside their studios, and on display across town in the State Street Gallery at Robert Morris University. Bringing these distinct neighborhoods, known for their appreciation of the arts, together in celebration of the Chicago Arts Month city-wide events. 
"The Girl and the Goat" - Tiffany Stronsky
"Bikini Bag" - Doug Frohman
Gallery show is on display 
Sep 1 – Dec 22, 2015. 
Artists’ reception held 
Oct 15, 2015, 5 -7 pm.

"Wax Drip Bronze Cuff" - Janeane Bowlware
"Galaxy Ring" - Susanne Siegel
Exhibiting artists include Alexander von Agoston, Micheal Bennett, Doug Birkenheuer, Janeane Bowlware, Katherine Chial, Tor Dettwiler, Doug Frohman, Philip Hartigan, Vincent Hawkins, Beth Kamhi, John Otto Kuhlmann, Richard Lange, Lisa Larson, Judy Lichtenstein, Jason Messinger, Diane Ponder, Darrell Roberts, Randi Russo, Susanne Siegel, Jordan Scott, Tiphanie Spencer, Michelle Stone, Sandra Stranz, Tiffany Stronsky, Kevin Swallow, Eric Weinstein, and Judy Hinkes Zeddies.
"The Word" - Katherine Drake Chial
"Rising Sun" - Sandra Stranz
The Cornelia Arts Building - Where Art Works, established in 1986, is one of the largest all-artist studio buildings on Chicago's Northside. Situated in a former ice house built in 1910, the building is the working space of over fifty local artists and artisans, including sculptors, painters, photographers, ceramic artists, print-makers, jewelry designers, textile artisans, and more. Located at 1800 West Cornelia Avenue, the building rests at the border of three distinct Chicago Neighborhoods; Lakeview, Roscoe Village, and North Center. 

"Grew Some II" - Michelle Stone

"Tidal Waves Under the Skin" - Randi Russo
The State Street Gallery, established in 2004, is part of Robert Morris University - Illinois’ main campus on the southeast edge of the Loop. The gallery is an outlet for art education and cultural enrichment for the University's students, employees and the surrounding community. The building itself, located at 401 South State Street, has a significant place in Chicago’s architectural history as is was the first downtown department store opened by Sears and Roebuck, Co.
"Your Brian Needs To Eat" - Eric Weinstein
"Slag" - Phillip Haritgan
"Construction Lover" - Doug Birkenheuer
Sights, Sounds and 
Sensations of the City 
State Street Gallery 
Robert Morris University
401 Sth State Street, Chicago, IL

Sep 1 – Dec 22, 2015
Mon -Thu, 10 am - 6 pm
Oct 15, 5 - 7 pm

Phone: 312-935-4088

FREE and open to the public

"Rambler" - Judy Zeddies

Concurrent with the exhibition
at Robert Morris University,  
Open Studio Events at
the Cornelia Arts Building 
are scheduled for 
Fri Oct 2 6-10 pm,  
Sat Nov 20 6-10pm, 
and Sat Nov 21 2-6pm

Aug 16, 2015

Dogs We Love @ August House Studios - Reception Opening Aug 23 12-6pm

"Howling Dogs" - Jason Messinger
 Dogs We Love, 
The Canine Exhibit
August House Studios
Reception Sun Aug 23, 
Noon - 6 pm

Anne Leuck Feldhaus
August House Studios proudly presents 
Dogs We Love, the Canine Exhibit. 
Featuring artwork from over 20 Chicago artists celebrating Man's Best Friend. 
Karin Bornmann
Lee W. Glazer

DOGS, please bring your well behaved owners. 

"Dog Park" - Joey Wozniak
August House Studios
2113 West Roscoe St, Chicago
Exhibit runs August 23 - September 26, 2015
Gallery Hours Wed - Sat 1 - 5 pm,
or by appointment: Marya (773)327-2015

Opening Reception 
Sunday August 23, 
Noon to 6 pm.

"Dog Watch Window" - Anne Leuck Feldhaus

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