May 30, 2014

Kass Copeland - New Collages - Opening June 6th

Kass Copeland - New Collages
AdventureLand Works On Paper
Reception Friday, June 6, 7-10pm

“I find the puzzling together of previously unrelated objects and images very satisfying. Like joining words together to form a poem, my pieces reveal themselves to me as I form new associations with elements that already have separate histories. Humor is an important component in my work because it provides a universal means of communication.
In my most recent series I’ve created large scale collages on the surfaces of discarded hollow core doors found near construction dumpsters in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. I also incorporate recycled digital trash by using phrases and names from junk email to inspire concepts for my pieces. 

My work is rooted in a narrative foundation because words have always evoked images for me. I often use favorite childhood stories, rhymes or songs as resources. By focusing on these texts, I hope to provide an alternative view of the past by placing these themes into contemporary, social, and sometimes political, context.”   - Kass Copeland 2014

Kass Copeland - New Collages
AdventureLand Works On Paper

1513 N Western Ave, Chicago IL 60622

Opening Friday, June 6, 7-10 pm
The show runs through June 27th
Please call for gallery hours
Please call for gallery hours.

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