Jul 14, 2009

Absolute Fantasy @ Mars Gallery, featuring Alan Emerson Hicks

Absolute Fantasy
Artwork by Alan Emerson Hicks,
Sean Williams, and Sabina Cosic.
Curated by Susan Aurinko of FLATFILE galleries

Opening Reception
Friday, July 24
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Mars Gallery
1139 W. Fulton Ave., Chicago, IL
Show runs July 24-August 22, 2009

Shown: ETMMMVII20088K
(Emerson Time Machine) by Alan Emerson Hicks

"Time machines are conceptual sculptures built biannually. They are created in odd numbered years and displayed the following even numbered year. They are a part of the "temporal sculpture" series (sculptures with a time element). Time machines are partially audience participatory. The viewer is given the opportunity to sit on or stand in front of the piece and have a temporal experience with it. A reel of video tape is destroyed during this experience which will eventually get used on the piece."

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