Jan 7, 2010

LUSH LIFE - Joey Wozniak at Eyeporium Gallery

It has been not quite a year since I started this blog on Artists in Chicago, so it is only fitting that I return to the first artist I reviewed;  Joey Wozniak, who has a solo show opening in February at Eyeporium Gallery in Wicker Park. 'Lush Life' continues the artist's exploration of vibrant color and beauty.

Joey Wozniak's multi-layered paintings might almost be considered sculptural. Thickly applied paints are pushed through hand-drawn and hand-cut stencils to create surfaces that are practically bas-relief in depth. By scraping and removing successive layers of paint, Wozniak leaves a palimpsest of images that float atmospherically behind the heavily applied final layers. In his sure and practiced hand, the final results are paradoxically both fleetingly atmospheric, and supremely compositionally balanced.

Wozniak's subject matter veers from floral blooms that burn with their own radiant light, to wry figures in fantasical costumes or ornate period dress, and human-animal chimeras. A subtle humor invades much of his work, teasing expectations by interspersing colonial dressed figures with those of indigenous costumes, replacing tribal jewelry with Ipods and ray-guns, or placing a pitchforked devil alongside monkeys on leashes. Always a visual treat, this show is not to be missed.

Solo Show of Joey Wozniak
Eyeporium Gallery
1543 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
Opening Reception:
Friday, Feb 5th, 7 - 10 pm
Show Runs Feb 5 through March 1

Joey Wozniak/Lush Life; Listing on Artslant

All works by Joey Wozniak

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