Apr 30, 2011

Cornelia Arts Spring Open House, Fri, May 13

'Windy City Liquors' - Emily Rapport

Cornelia Arts Spring Open House
Friday - May 13,  6 – 10 pm
Cornelia Arts Building, first and second floors
1800 West Cornelia, entrance on Ravenswood

'Touch of Beauty' - Joey Wozniak
Featuring over twenty-seven building artists in their working artist studios. Come enjoy refreshments in a casual atmosphere, see what the building artists have been working on, and find something that is sure to please you! 

'Untitled' - Jeff Bryner
Participants include:
Doug Birkenheuer, Anthony Bowers, Jeff Bryner, Nancy Charak, Kelsi Crivaro, Tor Dettwiler, Doug Frohman, Melinda Gordon, Lauren Harlowe, Beth Kamhi, Jeremiah Ketner, Reed Kirst, Alley Maranto, Teresa Matchett, Jason Messinger, Alisa Miller, Greg Milne, Ahavani Mullen, Matt Nichols, James Parenti, Emily Rapport, Judy Schumacher, Susanne Siegel, Scott Simons, Kevin Swallow, Eric Weinstein, Joey Wozniak and musical guest the Northbranch Band

'Urban Sentinels' - Jason Messinger

'Trees and the Dunes' - Joey Wozniak

Jason Messinger ART @ Studio #204 presents a special show of landscapes and cityscapes in paint, pastel, ink, and glazed tile, by guest showcase artist Joey Wozniak and Jason Messinger.

Beautiful City IV - Jason Messinger
Evening Blue - Joey Wozniak

'Cliff House' - Jason Messinger

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