Feb 1, 2009


Alan Emerson Hicks
uses found objects and plastic detritus to create compelling vignettes. In his hands the flotsam and jetsam of the modern world are woven into strange flowers and tribal emblems, iconic people and creative abstractions. Ephemeral materials are laced into tightly corseted structures of wild complexity. Lightboxes under sculptural works show the translucent glowing qualities of these transformed materials, creating an spiritual quality to the works. Heating and stretching plastic clothes hangers and bottles turns the most common items into new vibrant forms; a naked man, an army of soldiers, an emotive face. The artist voices his unique perspective with a fearless use of materials that transforms the modern world's everyday objects of dull invisibility into bright bouquets of startling singularity.

Alan's work can be seen at Crazy 8 Art
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