Feb 4, 2009


Edward Master
paints and draws intricately ornamented designs and shapes with a wide variety of mediums on an array of differing papers, then cuts and assembles them into complex tapestries of pattern and structure. With embroidery thread stitched joints, and organically and complexly shaped edges, these very large-scaled two-dimensional pieces convey an astounding multidimensional surface. The work switches rapidly from seeming vast vistas and aerial views to depictions of the tiniest decorative fringe. Developing themes from his continuing series of oil paintings, these works reference architectural and natural motifs, along with the traditional and decorative arts of many cultures, and point to the pictorial graphic renditions of preliterate societies. Astounding in their complexity and extremely stimulating to the eye, Master's work is at once beautiful and rich, and is both vast and intimate.

Edward's work can be seen at Crazy 8 Art

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