Feb 22, 2009


Anne Leuck Feldhaus paints vibrant scenes bursting with energetic colors and unrestrained exuberance. Dogs, cats, cars, flowers, kites, birds, planes, trees, homes, roads, and starry skies jump and dance with their own innate animation. Using crisp bold colors and a signature graphic style, Anne conjures a world of joy and whimsy with every subject she touches. She captures the contemporary urban world with a folk style of representation and an eye-popping sensibility.

While at first glance Anne's work appears almost cartoon-like, her art reveals a true sophistication in composition, color palettes, and narrative skill. Simple strokes and flat color applications stand in poised tension to her ability to create incredibly detailed spatial structures and indelibly immediate feelings of bliss. Viewers are universal in their acclaim for her ability to transform simple shapes into resonant emotions.

Her work can be see at her website: Annes Art

Or follow her Blog: Annes Art Blog

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Pawsitive Art said...

Anne is one of my favorite artist and she inspires me so much!